Home Educating in Brighton & Hove

The home educating community in Brighton & Hove and Sussex is vibrant and active – there are many different groups and activities, ranging from informal clubs, to paid sessions with facilitators.

Our local community has evolved and can be found in a variety of places:

More advice and support

Education Otherwise
PO Box 325, Kings Lynn, PE34 3XW.
E.O. National Helpline: 0845 478 6345.

Websites and email
There is a wealth of information available online, and many home educators find support through email discussion lists. Some are general lists open to all home educators, and some are specific to certain groups, e.g. single parents, families of a particular faith, parents with children in a particular age group, or families who are taking a similar approach to home education.
There is a list of these groups (and loads more useful information as well) at:

24 thoughts on “Home Educating in Brighton & Hove

  1. Hi I am a mum to Daisy who is 8. Daisy suffers with very severe dyslexia which according to her school makes her reading and writing level at reception class. But she is a very bright little girl.
    Daisy is extremely unhappy at school and I think this is one reason, despite excellent help she isn’t progressing. She doesn’t want to go to school and at the weekends we have noticed that her sparkle has gone and wants to sit in bed. We want her to be happy again, and then I am sure the learning will fall into place.
    I am just wondering if anyone else has similar problems, and how learning progressed and how it was carried out at home with a dyslexic child.
    We live in Worthing but originally from Hove and I thought you were our nearest group.
    Look forward to feed back
    Clair and Daisy x

    • Hi Clair my daughter is nearly 8 and is also dyslexic and is finding school very hard , i havnt taken her out yet but plan to over the next week she is very far behind also but unfortunatly has not been getting much help at all in school , she too has lost her sparkle and comes home in tears most days , we are in brighton so a bit further out to from you but i am too looking for people in similar situations please feel free to contact me
      Anoushka and Miryshka x

    • Hi Clair,
      Just wondering if you are home educating as I am in Worthing too and have a 9 year old son.
      Kind regards

      • Hi Alison,

        Have you joined the BHHE list? There are people from Worthing there, and I know there’s a fairly new Worthing group. Just follow the link at the top of this page to join the email list.

      • Hi there Alison, I have been home educating my daughter (age 10) since sept this year and we live in Worthing! We would love to meet other families in our area that home educate. I wonder if you could get in touch? Kind regards Clare Davies

  2. Hi Clair,

    I’ve just approved your membership of the BHHE email list. Do post a message there – I’m sure people will have some useful experiences to share.

  3. I am going to start home educating my 14 year old son. I live in Brighton and would be grateful to hear from any other parents home tutoring teenagers in the area.

    The idea of socialising and organising activities is particularly attractive


    • Hi Jane,

      I live in Slinfold West Sussex and like you thinking about home school. Our concern is that when he was home schooled in the past he lost his confidence and became quite depressed at home with no peer interaction. I would be pleased to be in touch with any other boys of this age doing GCSE home school as school isn’t working out and this seems the best option to pass exams.


      • Hi Penny,

        There are lots of teenagers being home educated in Sussex, but it is sometimes difficult to find them and of course it takes time to build up friendships. Have you joined the BHHE Yahoo group? You can join by following the link at the top of this page. Group members can access information about regular meet-ups and courses in various places around Sussex.

    • Hi Jane,
      I am continuing to HE my 13yr old disabled son. I am im Brighton,so if you would like to meet so they can socialise etc and we can say they are interacting with peers.
      I have been doing this since he should have started high school, and as he missed out on over a year of Primary education i have been building up his confidence as he struggled quite a bit although the school always said he was fine. I found this was lies when i got his reports and individual learning plans.


  4. Hi Jane,

    The best thing is to join the BHHE Yahoo group and put a message up there to introduce yourself and ask for any info you are looking for. There’s a link to join the Yahoo group on every page of this site.

    There are lots of families educating teenagers outside school in the local area, so I hope you’ll be able to hook up with other people via the Yahoo group and some of the regular gatherings and groups.

  5. Hi again,

    Just noticed that the Join link doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. An alternative way to join the Yahoo group is by sending an email to bhhe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Include a few words about yourself and why you want to join and we will approve your request as soon as we get it.

  6. Hallo, we are thinking of home educating our 12 year old daughter. We live in Brighton and would really like to be in touch with other home educators, especially around our daughter’ sage group. Looking forward to being in touch. All the best

  7. Hello,i am home educating 2 girls aged 7 and 8 in the Saltdean area,I am looking to meet up with any others in salt dean or peace haven,newhaven please,

  8. Hello, we’ve just decided to home educate our 4yr old who was due to start school in September. It’s a great relief to him and us but it would be nice if he could meet some other kids his age informally. He is on the autistic spectrum but very sociable. We are in Portslade – anyone interested in a meet in the park?

    • hi..im thinking of home schooling too as i have a 4 yr old who didnt get a place at our local school..meeting in a park sounds fab

  9. Hello, I am a Mum of two in Brighton. I recently became a Lay Member on the Local Safeguarding Children Board, which co-ordinates the efforts of statutory and voluntary organisations in the city to keep our children safe. I wondered if you have generally heard of the LSCB and what it does? Also it would be great to hear your views on child safety issues in Brighton and Hove and those of your children if they wanted to join in. As much of the information and resources are often channeled through schools I think its important to find out what matters to those who educate their children in other ways. The LSCB is always looking for ways to improve what it does and would welcome your input. Thanks for reading this. Lorna

  10. Hi I have just started home schooling my 5 year old boy, after a year of trying to get him settled at school.
    Home schooling is working out so much better for him ( no more tears every morning and night terrors every night)
    I’d love to meet up with other mums and their kids in and around Seaford ,East Sussex. To share experience and advice and even more so for my son to meet kids who are also home schooled!
    Any links or replies appreciated 🙂

  11. Hi there,
    Trying to join the yahoo group but it keeps coming up with an error message ! Is there anyone I can email to ask to join please?? Thanks!

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